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2019 – № 1(17)

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Kharitonova, V.I.  (2019). Health Care and Health Preservation Problems in Modern Research.Medicinskaja antropologija i biojetika [Medical anthropology and bioethics], 1(17).

Keywords: medical anthropology, interdisciplinary symposium, health preservation, health care, biomedical technologies, folk medicine, traditional medicine, traditional medical systems (TMS), medical integration, socio-cultural aspects of health, modern healing, reproductive health, active longevity, anthropology of disabilities, musical therapy

Abstract: The text reviews VII International Interdisciplinary Scientific and Practical Symposium, Medical Anthropology in Modern World: Traditional Studies and New Perspectives. The event took place in Moscow, in June 2019. The review discusses the main themes of the meetings, characterizes the presentations of the symposium, and points out the works that drew the most attention. Emphasized are the problems of health care and health preservation that are crucial for modern anthropology and adjacent fields.

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Valentina Ivanovna Kharitonova is Doctor of Historical Sciences, Chief Research Fellow and Head of the Center of Medical Anthropology, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology (Moscow)



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